Previous Meetings


Month Description
January Creating Windows Services with .NET Core – Chris Brown
February Best of “Defensive Coding in C#” – Allen May
March Meeting Cancelled
April Meeting Cancelled
May Meeting Cancelled


Month Description
January Introduction to Blazor, WebAssembly for .NET – James Schafer
February Automation Trepidation: Does DevOps freak you out? – Ryan Foote
March Design For Inclusivity Using Conversational Chatbots – Suganthi Giridharan
April Code Checkup: Tools to Check the Health of your Code – Doug Mair
May Where the Web is Going – Jared Faris
June Visual Studio 2019 Launch Recap – Phil Japikse
July Introduction to Unity – Brian Turner
August Command Pattern Deep Dive – Ken Baum
September .NET Core 3.0 and C# 8.0 – Mike Smith
October A Tour of Azure Monitor – Mike Wood


Month Description
January Easy CQRS with ASP.NET Core & MediatR – Ryan Foote
February Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the Future of Everything – David Shattuck
March Building concurrent systems with Akka.NET – Joe Wirtley
April UI Tests are Fun to Write (if you Write them Right) – Seth Petry-Johnson
May Introduction to Functional Programming with F# – Chris Lomont
June Secure Applications, by Design – Craig Stuntz
July Azure Functions in Action – Baskar Rao Dandlamudi
August Event-Driven Architectures – Michael Levy
September JetBrains Rider Tips and Tricks: Getting more out of your development time – Chris Woodruff
October Lightning Talks
November ASP.NET Core For Mere Mortals – Phil Japikse
December No Meeting


Month Description
January Creating Eloquent Code – Joe Wirtley
February Bitcoin, Merkle Trees, and the Block Chain – Ken Baum
March Take Your Site From Ugh to OOH with Bootstrap – Phil Japikse
April Dockerize Your .NET Development Environment – Lee Brandt
May Being More Productive with VS2017 and C#7 – Brian Sherwin
June Lightning Talks
From Crawling to Stumbling with Windows IoT – Hanen Alkhafaji and Ryan Donahue
SpecFlow – Keith Bouas
Semantic UI – Joe Wirtley
July Flying High with Xamarin! – Sam Basu
August Dealing with Database Sprawl in Azure – Mike Wood
September Digital Payments in a Mobile World – Parag Joshi
October Rebooting the ASP.NET Franchise – Jay Harris
November A Feature Based approach to Software Development – Ryan Lanciaux
December No Meeting


Month Description
January Generics in .NET – Joe Wirtley
February Introduction to ‘Enterprise’ Event-Driven Architecture – Shawn Wallace
March Programs that Write Programs: How Compilers Work – Craig Stuntz
April First Look at EF Core 1 and MVC6 (ASP.NET Core 1) – Phil Japikse
May Giving Clarity to LINQ Queries by Extending Expressions – Ed Charbeneau
June F12: Tools and Tips for Tuning and Debugging the Web – Jared Faris
July More Personal Computing with Smart APIs – Brian Sherwin
August Full Stack Development with .NET and NoSQL YouTubeMatthew Groves
September An Introduction to Azure Service Fabric – Mike Wood
October How to Listen to What Your Software Is Telling You – Chris Farrell
November The Past, Present and Future of 3D Printing – Bill Steele
December No Meeting


Month Description
January Defense in Depth with AOP – Nerdy Beardo
February MVVM for WPF with a sprinkling of NUI – Phil Japikse
March The Leadership Journey – Jim Holmes
April Hypermedia – The Ignored Constraint – Mike Levy
May How to Train a Tree – Steve Daum
June Lesser Known Design Patterns – Ken Baum
July SSG Agile Software Development Process – Josh Gold
August A Lap around ASP.NET vNext! – Sam Basu
September Fluent Migrator: Managing SQL Objects from within Visual Studio – Keith Callis
October TypeScript – Dale Alleshouse
November Getting Started with AngularJS + WebApi – Eric Wise
December No Meeting


Month Description
January The Art of Decision Making – Keith Engelhardt
February Hitchhiker’s Guide to the NetDuino Galaxy – Carey Payette
March Quickly Build a Cross-Platform Application for Windows 8 and Windows Phone – David Giard
April A tour of functional programming in C# – Ben Kyrlach
May “OMG! This Codebase Sucks!” Paying Down Technical Debt While Continuing to Deliver Value – Jim Holmes
June RavenDB: NoSQL is Rapping at Your Door – David Neal
July Five Lightweight Windows Azure Features for Fast-Moving Mobile Devs – Mike Wood
August Navigating AngularJS – Ryan Lanciaux & Joel Lanciaux
September SOLID Design Patterns for Mere Mortals – Phil Japikse
October Lightning Talks
Overview of Jenkins – Matt Anderson
Flatten the Database – Steve Daum
Microsoft Kinect v2 for Windows – Ben Green
2D Barcodes – David Shattuck
Semantic Merge – Bob Sledge
November Don’t be a stereotype, rapid prototype – Edward Charbeneau
December No Meeting


Month Description
January I’m Not Dead Yet! AKA The Resurgence of Web Forms – Phil Japikse
February Windows 8 and Near Field Communication – Parag Joshi
March The class that knew too much: refactoring spaghetti code – Matt Groves
April Design Principles for Coders – Keith Engelhardt
May Open discussion
June The future is Futures – Michael Levy
July Instrumenting Your Code for Better Performance using ETW – Dan Moyer
August Rails for the .NET Developer – Jamie Wright
September Application Security: What you don’t know can hurt you – Joe Kuemerle
October Building Composite XAML Applications with Prism – Brian Lagunas
November I Only Want to Write My App Once: Using Xamarin to Build Multi-Platform Mobile Apps – Jerrel Blankenship
December No Meeting


Month Description
January Making Crazy Money with Games and the Cloud – Brian Prince
February Making a Mockery of Hard to Test Code – Phil Japikse
March A Sneak Peek of Visual Studio & Team Foundation Server 11 – Randy Pagels
April The Windows 8 platform for Metro style apps – Jennifer Marsman
May Managing Code Complexity – Mark Haskamp
June It’s Only Aweso Without Me/How to Learn – Jeff Blankenburg
July Programming with the OSS ‘Cloud-Stack’ – Mike Amundsen
August Testing the Security of Your Web Apps with Backtrack 5 – Bill Sempf
September Getting to Know Visual Studio 2012 – Jim Holmes and Justin Kohnen
October Building Rich User Experiences without JavaScript Spaghetti – Jared Faris
November Technical Debt – Elizabeth Naramore
December No meeting


Month Description
January Defensible .NET – Jason Montgomery
February Pivot and the Silverlight PivotViewer Control – Joe Wirtley
March Going for Speed: Testing against Performance Expectationsl – Jay Harris
April Goodbye Entity Framework 1, Hello Entity Framework 4!- Steve Michelotti
May Deliver Cleaner Code with LINQ to Objects – Phil Japikse
June FAIL – Anti-Patterns and Worst Practices of Software Development – Steve Smith
July An Introduction to Visual Studio LightSwitch – Dan Moyer
August Data Visualization – David Giard
September You – Leon Gersing
October Test Automation Isn’t All Shiny Toys – Jim Holmes
November A match in the clouds! – Samidip Basu
December Tea, Earl Gray, Hot! The Rise of Personal Replicators – Bill Steele


Month Description
January Extending your Application with the Managed Extensibility Framework – David Giard
February Python 101 for the .NET Developer – Sarah Dutkiewicz
March MIX 2010 Overview – Jeff Blankenburg
April Introduction to Unit Testing – Jim Holmes
May Five Classic Patterns in Everyday Code – Mike Wood
June Silverlight 101: Write your first Silverlight Application – Mike Eaton
July Testing .NET Code with Ruby – Tim Wingfield
August Why Spring.Net will change your life forever, for free, right now. – Mike Levy
September Windows Workflow Foundation – Mel Grubb
October Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0 – Jim Holmes and Justin Kohnen
November Introduction to Windows Phone 7 Development – Matt Middendorf
December Lightning Talks – various presenters


Month Description
January Cancelled due to weather.
February An Intro to Web Programming: Understanding the “Series of Tubes” – Justin Kohnen
March Coding in Public – Alan Stevens
April Introduction to WCF – Dan Rigsby
May Beginning Silverlight 2- Robert Lair
June Improving our craft: A Discussion on Software Estimation – Mike Eaton
July Three Tips to Improve your Development Process – Jim Holmes
August Production Debugging: Tools & Techniques for when things go *really* wrong – Scott Walker
September What’s New in Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0 – Jim Holmes & Justin Kohnen
October SOLID Software Design Principles – Jon Kruger
November Mobile Application Development: A Cross Platform Introduction – Nino Benvenuti
December Source Control Smackdown 2009 – Ryan Cromwell, Leon Gersing, Joe Wirtley


Month Description
January Be a Rules Follower – Mike Wood
February Visual Studio 2008 Tour and Install Party – Justin Kohnen
March Soft Skillz. Geeks Need ’em Too. – Brian Prince
April Windows Presentation Foundation – Ryan Cromwell
May Pointing and Laughing: A SharePoint introduction for designers, developers and IT pros – Leon Gersing
June Getting Started With the ASP.Net MVC Framework – Tim Wingfield
July Hands On Agile Practices v.2 – Alexei Govorine
August Visual Studio Reporting – ReportViewer control, RDL, Reporting Services, in Visual Studio 2008 and SQL 2008 – Bill Vaughn
September Microsoft Project Astoria and the Semantic Web – Chris Woodruff
October An Introduction to ASP.NET AJAX – Wally McClure
November Test Driven Development (TDD) and NHibernate – Phil Japikse
December Lightning Talks
jQuery – Justin Kohnen
Gallio – Phil Japikse
Balsamiq Mockup –Joe Wirtley
Developing DSLs via fluent interfaces in C# – Leon Gersing