May 22, 2019, 6PM: Where the Web is Going – Jared Faris

The web is a strange place with many standards and browser vendors that all have to come together to make something useful. In particular, CSS and JavaScript are evolving at a rapid rate. We’ll look at this evolution, and how new tools like CSS Grid, Service Workers, Progressive Web Apps, and Web Components are changing the game. We’ll discuss how the W3C, WHATWG, TC39, and the IETF work together (or don’t) to push the Web forward. We’ll also analyze Microsoft Edge’s decision to embrace Chromium, and what that means for the future of web standards. You’ll leave this session with new technologies to research, and a better sense of what is to come.

Bio: Jared is a Microsoft MVP and the VP of Solutions at HMB (, an IT solutions provider in Columbus, OH and Louisville, KY. His focus is on building great teams that go out and solve the most difficult problems for their clients. Jared helps organize Stir Trek as well as a variety of other events in and around Columbus, OH. He is an international keynoter and frequent conference speaker. In fact, if he doesn’t have some conference deadline he doesn’t know what to do with himself. You can find out more about him at or follow him @jaredthenerd.