February 28, 2018, 6PM: Blockchain – Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the Future of Everything – David Shattuck

Bitcoin blinked into existence ex nihilo in 2009 and brought with it what may very well prove to be one of the most important creations of computer science in the last decade: the blockchain. This presentation offers a brief history of the blockchain, an overview of how the technology works, a demonstration of an Ethereum smart contract in action, a survey of interesting projects currently being built on blockchains, and wild speculation about what the future holds.

Files supporting the presentation can be found here.

David Shattuck is a software developer at Smart Data Systems in Miamisburg, OH. He works primarily with whichever development stack happens to be required by the current client and/or project, though the Microsoft stack was his first love. He has been a cryptocurrency enthusiast since 2013 and speaks on the subject whenever the opportunity presents itself, and also often when it doesn’t. He is amazing at video games.

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