July 22, 2015, 6PM: SSG Agile Software Development Process – Josh Gold

Location: IDCAST/UDRI, TechTown, 711 East Monument Avenue, Suite 101 in downtown Dayton. Google Map

If automotive engineers operated like a lot of software engineers, they would just get any brake disk and calipers, probably ones that they have used before, put them on a car and see if it stopped the car. If it didn’t, they would then go to the Google Junk yard to see what might be found lying around. There is no real engineering rigor in this.

I will present how to use a true “engineering” process for software/hardware development. I will show how my group uses an “Agile Development Process” within a Test Driven Design (TDD) pattern, using Model View Control (MVC) architecture. Making sure projects are configured to use continuous integration with automatic builds and testing, code coverage, and style checkers, plus code reviews.

What does all this mean; well, that is what we will cover, along with the tools that help us achieve being true software engineers

Bio: Josh Gold is a Software Engineer and in UDRI’s Sensors System Division, and is a Team Lead in the Software Solutions Group. He has 15 years of industry experience in software engineering working in the Dayton area, working in both government and commercial industries. Josh is CAP certified in the area of information system security, as well as Network+ and Security+, with a focus on secure system architecture. More recently, Josh has been heading up the Work to School program at UDRI, which employs students and gives them a foundation to create strong software engineers, including TDD/BDD, automated testing and code analysis, continuous integration and delivery, and interacting with clients using the Agile SCRUM methodology.