May 27, 2015, 6PM: How to Train a Tree – Steve Daum

Location: IDCAST/UDRI, TechTown, 711 East Monument Avenue, Suite 101 in downtown Dayton. Google Map

Machine learning includes a broad set of tools and techniques. At the intersection of statistics, computer science, and artificial intelligence, the field has seen dramatic gains in the ability to make inferences from data sets, large and small. In this talk, the mechanics of building a decision tree will be explored. Decision trees are a basic but useful tool in machine learning. A real data set will be explored using publicly available Python code to demonstrate the model building approach used throughout machine learning.

Bio: Steve Daum is a software Developer with PQ Systems, Inc. In his current role, he develops thick client Windows software using the .NET platform. He has been developing software for almost 30 years.