April 22, 2015, 6PM: Hypermedia – the ignored constraint – Mike Levy

Location: IDCAST/UDRI, TechTown, 711 East Monument Avenue, Suite 101 in downtown Dayton. Google Map

“…no app is an island” – James Utzachneider, Microsoft, 1998
That comment was originally made in the context of building business solutions by integrating various applications into more complex systems. Within the last few years, we’ve seen that concept explode through the walls. The complexity is no longer dealing with applications within an organization. It has moved externally – integrating with other organizations and customers through the proliferation of mobile devices – the current “hot” frontier.  The API is the enabling technology. The API allows the mobile client to not be “an island.” This session will be about Hypermedia and how we can use this core component of the web to make our APIs better.

Bio: Michael Levy is the Microsoft Practice Director for Strategic Data Systems (SDS). Mike has been delivering software solutions to clients, in a variety of industries, for over 24 years.  He is an active participate in the software community and, through the years, has spoken on a variety of topics at multiple conferences and user groups. As you read this, Mike is probably in front of a computer practicing the ancient art of Sleeping with Your Eyes Open when he should be working on the presentation.