Mar 25, 2015, 6PM: The Leadership Journey – Jim Holmes

Location: IDCAST/UDRI, TechTown, 711 East Monument Avenue, Suite 101 in downtown Dayton. Google Map

Too many of our organizations across society have poor leadership. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about the military, private sector firms, or the local Cub Scout pack. Great leaders help us get the most out of our teams and ourselves, not just at the high meta level, but during each day’s grind.

In this session we’ll talk about why you might consider stepping up into a leadership role (or evolving one you’re currently in), and what things about yourself you can leverage and improve upon. It’s also important to understand routes you can take to leadership. Most importantly we’ll talk about getting the job done on a daily basis so you can help your team be as awesome as possible.

You’ll leave this session with some questions to ask of yourself, and some ideas on furthering your own leadership journey.

Bio: Jim is the owner/principal of Guidepost Systems. He has been in various corners of the IT world since joining the US Air Force in 1982. Jim has worked with organizations ranging from start ups to Fortune 100 companies to improve their delivery processes and ship better value to their customers. Jim’s been in many different environments but greatly prefers those adopting practices from Lean and Agile communities. When not at work you might find Jim in the kitchen with a glass of wine, playing Xbox, hiking with his family, or banished to the garage while trying to practice his guitar.