September 23, 2015, 6PM: Fluent Migrator: Managing SQL Objects from within Visual Studio – Keith Callis

    Location: IDCAST/UDRI, TechTown, 711 East Monument Avenue, Suite 101 in downtown Dayton. Google Map

    How to manage database object as part of a Visual Studio solution using Fluent Migrator. Compare Fluent Migrator to some other tools for managing database changes. We’ll step through several samples of how Fluent Migrator can be used to help manage database changes that helps developers for their database environment. Using C# code, database object changes now falls under source control, making tracking of changes easier. Deployment process becomes easier and can include back out process for multiple environments (Development, Test, and Production).

    Bio: Keith Callis is a Principal Consultant at SDS, Inc. currently based in Cincinnati with many years of experience developing software across multiple environments using different databases and programming languages based on customer requirements. His current agile projects (Pivotal Tracker) are using .NET, MVC, C#, JSON, JavaScript, and SQL Server (Fluent Migrator, TSQL, SSRS). When not writing software, he is amateur photographer or chef in his kitchen.


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