Upcoming Meetings

    • February 26, 2020, 6PM: Best of "Defensive Coding in C#" – Allen May

      Allen May will explore the highlights of Deborah Kurata’s “Defensive Coding in C#” course from Pluralsight. We will explore writing clean code, creating unit tests, building clear methods, and preparing for the unexpected.

      Allen will also demonstrate features within Visual Studio Code that will allow you to write defensive code (in your preferred programming language) for free.

      Bio: Allen is a full stack application developer with CareSource, maintaining an internal .NET/C#/MVC reporting application. He has over 20 years of IT experience, in operations, database, and web/application development roles. He is an advocate for the Dayton tech community, the organizer of the Dayton Web Developers group and co-organizer for the New To The Web & Dayton .NET Developers groups.


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